About Us

Domino Marketing ltd provides top-tier browser extension solutions to its clients. Our squad of adept coders and software developers excel in crafting adaptable and feature-packed browser extensions. We channel all our energies into crafting compact and inventive browser extensions that can manage vast volumes of data and intricate tasks while ensuring optimal performance. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver outstanding browser extension development services.

At Domino Marketing ltd, we're more than a technology firm. We're a group of innovative thinkers and problem solvers, dedicated to exploring the limitless digital possibilities. We implement sustainable practices and are firm believers in tech for good. As a leading force in the tech industry, we're propelling the future of software development. Our approach is driven by our commitment to championing unparalleled user experiences.

One of our most in-demand extensions, Wallpapers - New Tab, presents an extensive array of remarkable wallpapers for your new tabs. Domino Marketing ltd is proficient in creating Chrome extensions and excels in online advertising.